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Below we presents some of the main areas of IT Science in which we operate:

  • Webapplication developement: PHP with Postgres, DB2 or MySQL database. In our projects we are using frameworks: Yii, Zend, CodeIgniter and our own framework. We also have our own Content Management System.
  • Desktop application developement using JavaSE or Python.
  • Database administration: DB2, Postgres, MySQL.
  • Virtualization: Citrix XenServer, PowerVM, ESXi.
  • Analysis of the current client infrastructure, design the new infrastructure based on virtualization (hardware/software), migration from old architecture to the new one. We are trying to approach each infrastructure individualy without copying solutions if it is not absolutely needed. Each architecture we design from the beginning according to the requirements of the customer, bering in mind latest solutions like: distributed storage/filesystem, HA clusters, Hadoop, Sphinx, NoSQL databases etc. We do not limit ourselfs continuesly to the same technologies, but we are constantly testing the latest solutions which are certainly the future.
  • Operation systems administration.
  • J2EE application development.