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HttpChecker is a console application to check availability of http websites. Main functionality is to make HTTP request to the website and check response status/length.  It may be used as the nagios plugin. We released this application on GNU GPL license and it is available at GitHub:  HttpChecker

Technology: Java JDK 1.7, Apache Common libs

Elwira is the mosaic generation system. If you're interested in this application please contact us.

Technology: J2SE, Hibernate, Postgres, PHP



The application is used to calculate the parameters of Wilson equation.
Technologies: Java. The application is optimized to work on Windows 98
More informations and download: Wyliczacz
Application SpriteGen is used to generate sprites for web pages. This application is released under Freeware License
Technology: Java

MassMailer The application is used to send a large number of files via e-mail. The program is completely free and available for download here: MassMailer
Technology: C#
Screener - console application thats generate screenshots from website. Compressed version contains C++ source code.
Usage: ./Screener http://example.com output.jpg
Technology: C++/QT4